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Their Stories, Their Motivations, and Why They Are a Step Ahead: Meet the Snarky Novelist

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Hello again! 
The saga — I mean, series — continues.

Meet Meeks, the Snarky Novelist

Next in line is Meeks, whose first post on DeSo speaks for itself:

Meek’s First-Ever Post on Deso

Brian Meeks is a full-time author, coach, and snarkologist. (No Grammarly, I won’t change this to narcologist. That would be the opposite of Meeks!)

He lives in a small town in Iowa, plays tennis and golf, and loves gathering data about his books. He’s a data junkie. He is also a huge fan of guinea pigs. — About Brian D. Meeks on Amazon

Write, Write, Write and Write Some More!

His writing career began with a blog post 11 years ago. By now, he’s a well-known writer in the Indie Author community, writing under his name and the pen name: Arthur Byrne.

I wrote my first blog post Jan 2, 2010. That was the moment I began writing and I wrote a blog post every day for over 6-years. I’ve since written 19-novels and 6-nonfiction books.

Meeks novels span from Detective Series and thrillers to Young Adult fiction. The nonfiction books are about coaching aspiring authors on writing and marketing their work.

73 days ago, on October 11, 2021 Meeks signed up on DeSo after watching a YouTube video of Balaji Srinivasan. 
Srinivasan is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and essayist. He also used to be the CTO of Coinbase. Anyways, Meeks says, he heard him speak about Bitclout and Decentralized Social, he got curious and signed up.

Look up Vivacious Enthusiasm on DeSo and Find Meeks

Now, he is all in. 
It’s almost impossible to be on top of all of his posts each day. He writes a lot and spends a bunch of time on DeSo to engage with others. The numbers confirm his high activity average: 15.36 posts per day in the last 14 days. 
I believe, Meeks has found a secret to extending his day beyond 24 hours: the amount of writing, snarky comments, interacting on DeSo, going to spin classes, playing basketball, watching sports, and reporting about it… and taking part in real life. It’s hard to keep up with Meeks activity level!

Example Interaction of Meeks and kitty4D

An Author to Support Other Authors

Before DeSo, he was more active on Facebook. He tends to 2 groups there with 12,000 authors and has 4985 followers of his personal profile. Looking at that, you see a few exchanges with his crowd there and a lot of guinea pigs in cute Christmas attire.

A Guinea Pig from Meeks’ Facebook Wall

Slowly, he is also bringing over authors to DeSo. So far, he claims to have onboarded 16 novelists.

Meeks Onboarding Authors on DeSo

Plus, there seems to be something in store for authors and writers on DeSo, which he isn’t yet willing to share.

I have a team and we’re working on a project that will be Author/Writer focused. But, that is a ways off.

Brand Building While Earning on the Spot

Meeks likes DeSo for its ease of use — and for the fact that he gets to earn a little directly.

I see it as an opportunity to build an additional revenue stream. 
I’ve managed to be generously given 3274 Diamonds in 61 Days I’ve been here with only 595 followers at present.
What is the potential with 10,000 followers or 100,000 or 1 million?
It’s substantial.

He went all-in because he sees DeSo as an opportunity to grow his brand and share his writing with people.

Simply put, [I want to] build my brand and eventually share my novels with people. I’ve not mentioned them in posts, yet, but I’m seeing an uptick in sales, so I’m thinking some are just going over and finding me on Amazon.
Of course, they don’t know that I also write under a Pen Name. 
But, I will eventually talk about my fiction.

As of today, Meeks stats are as follows:

  • 73 days on DeSo
  • 4610 Diamonds received, at a current value of USD 325.05
  • Creator coin price at USD 122.61 with 64 coin holders

He is averaging 3.56 Diamonds per post. Again, thinking of the potential of the direct tipping for creators this can easily become 10x, 100x, or 1000x more. Meeks is constantly growing his community and is currently at 743 followers while following 730 creators.

When it comes to NFTs, Meeks didn’t get into minting his writing yet. He was able to sell his NFT art at the beginning of his journey with DeSo, though. However, that’s not something he is pursuing at the moment.

Currently, he is rather thinking of publishing short 2,000 character tales on DeSo to sharpen his storytelling skills.

Meeks’ 1762 Characters Post

Meeks is a big believer in the potential of Decentralized Social and the place for writers in it. It’s their chance to build their brand and immediately benefit from posting content.

Writers will definitely be able to earn serious money through a Decentralized Platform, either $DeSo or some other.
The idea of getting a tiny micro-payment is a good one.
$DeSo won’t be the last to implement it.

So, yes, Authors and Writers will be able to build brands and earn a nice supplement to their ebook royalties.

Or, if they’re unpublished, this just might be the place they get their start.

And while he hopes that DeSo will be the blockchain to “win” over writers, and creators in the long term, he keeps a realistic view on the possibility that there might be another player who takes over. As being first is a huge advantage but isn’t anything to rest upon.

Will $DeSo win the race?

I don’t know, because though one always wants to be first, that isn’t always the company that does it best.

AOL and Yahoo never became verbs.

Google, though, did.

I hope $DeSo wins, but like I mentioned, the fact that the OGs have slowed greatly in their use of the platform, makes me wonder if the DAU can ever recover.

If the people who love it most (besides me) can’t be bothered to put up a post every day, then can we expect the less enthused to outperform them?

Meeks’ piece of writing that he wanted to share

DeSo the Maturing Start-up

Only the future will tell if DeSo wins the hearts and wallets of mainstream social media people. The listing on Coinbase surely helps with its general reputation and trustworthiness.

At the moment, the vibe on DeSo reminds me of a startup that begins to mature a little. Some of the OGs became a little worn out over time, criticize the Blockchain’s founder, or decide to take a leave. Others strongly believe in the purpose of the “young company” and push forward. 
I think comparing Decentralized Social to a start-up is much more accurate than anything else. Everyone, who is active on one of the nodes is part of the team. They create, they communicate, they sell their writing, their art, or whatever their product is — and they “sell” the idea of DeSo in the hope to spark their own enthusiasm in others.
We will see how this grows further. Growing pains are always a part of such a journey.

Will you join the wild ride and start building?

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