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Their Stories, Their Motivations, and Why They Are a Step Ahead: Meet the Storyteller

Welcome and welcome back to our journey to web 3.0 — and the writers who are already part of it.

After featuring two poets, it’s time to move on to other types of writers in web 3.0. First up is AlcariusPresents, who writes different types of stories:

Alcarius’ profile on DeSo

A few days ago, he also shared how he came up with the name for his writing persona:

AlcariusPresents post about his name

AlcariusPresents joined DeSo on 14th August 2021. That means he’s been on the blockchain for 125 days today. He came because a friend mentioned DeSo to him and he got curious.

He loves the innovative and experimental vibe on DeSo and found his tribe in the early community.

I think this platform is the future, but also I was one of the first (I think) to actually make Story NFT’s on bitclout, and the community that you build even with such an early crowd, makes you experience a very wholesome group.

Stories, Stories, Stories!

Since day 1, AlcariusPresents is all about his stories. Even his very first post makes it very clear:

He started writing 10 years ago when he was 13 years old. Now, that he is 23, it’s the first time he shares his stories publicly — on DeSo.

I have stored stories on Wattpad before, but mostly kept them to myself or just showed them to friends. DeSo is basically the first platform that I actually have posted stories on for over 115 days now, almost each day 1–3 chapters/stories.

AlcariusPresents’ stories can be short, or several chapters long. The mood of his stories ranges from sad to wholesome, from action to love. There are mystery, phantasy, horror stories, as well as Christmas tales, and and and!

AlcariusPresents The Story of Jackson #1 (Christmas Edition)

The best thing — for him — is when people give feedback, when they like and enjoy his stories. AlcariusPresents is driven by giving his stories to people and loves to make others smile.

In the future, he dreams of publishing a book. And when I see the creative potential and the work he puts in every day to keep his followers engaged and entertained, I am pretty sure, he will make it happen.

I love giving to people and making them smile, bringing a positive vibe (unless it’s a horror story 😂). Honestly, my end goal would be bringing out a book or books in the future. If its online or not does not really matter to me as long people enjoy it. 🙂

Always on the Hunt for Innovation

Alcarius Presents’ profile is brimming with new ideas.

Recently, he started collaborating with DeSo artist: DeSoTrollz

The first video NFT is up that features the DeSoTrollz troll characters packaged nicely in “The Story of A Christmas Miracle” written by AlcariusPresents. So far, only the first part is out but I am curious to see how the next parts will look like and if someone will bid on these NFTs.

For AlcariusPresents, this kind of collaboration is a way to further develop his writing and grow himself as a storyteller.

I will continue to develop my writing through making videos, NFT’s, art + stories, and anything else we think of on the way to the future! 🙂 never too late to make up new ideas.

Not There for the Money, but Still Making Some

When it comes to making money with his craft Alcarius has a humble approach:

I would say I give away more then I gain. I love giving and entertaining people, spreading positive vibes and smiles. Eventually when you grow, with just like any other platform, you will earn enough money to get around. For now, that is maybe not possible, but in the near future, it should be possible.

Looking at his stats, he’s made a good amount of diamonds (direct tips) and has a number of investors in his creator coin:

  • 125 days on DeSo
  • 3500 Diamonds received, at a current value of USD 161.78
  • Creator coin price at USD 98.86 with 38 coin holders

Looking at the number of Diamonds he gets for a single story, you can better grasp the love he gets for his work:

If the story gets a lot of attention you can get like 15+/- diamonds (of 1–2 diamonds each), if it’s decent you can get like 5–7, if it gets almost no attention, maybe 3–4.

At the same time, I have to mention, he is also a big giver of diamonds. Overall he “spent” 7836 Diamonds on others. Compared to the number of diamonds received it underlines his generous character.

Story NFTs

Even though he feels like there haven’t been many sales of his story NFTs yet, he managed to sell/transfer 14.
Amongst the hodlers of his story NFTs are people like Pamela Andersen, serial entrepreneur Mario Nawfal, and popular DeSoers like Designsta, PixelPirates, cloutpunk, HighKey, Articuno, and nader.

AlcariusPresents’ Ultimate Move Contest #3 NFT on nftz.zone

He sells commissioned stories through NFTs as well. Another way to earn a little for a writer.

Since the platform is in the early stages still, and story NFT’s are not yet very supported, there have not been many sales yet. But people have bought commissions from me on DeSo, which always is a possibility to do, besides selling NFT’s.

AlcariusPresents NFT for Commissions on nftz.zone

Writing this, I am thinking about the money made from Medium articles. When you compare that to the money AlcariusPresents makes through direct tips, NFTs, and comissions… well, it looks worthwhile to try your luck at DeSo as a writer!

His prediction for the future of DeSo is very positive. Similar to Eugene and simp, who we met earlier, he thinks being early will be an advantage.

I believe in the future this platform will blow up and that people that were as early as we are currently will be able to making a good time out of it.

I think so, too. Come and join us!

One of AlcariusPresents’ Recent Stories Published on DeSo

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