Writers in Web 3.0 (2)

Writers in Web 3.0 — A Series (2)

Their Stories, Their motivations, and Why They Are a Step Ahead

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Note: the article was prepared on December, 13th, before the announcement of DESO’s listing on Coinbase. All references to USD prices refer to that date. If you look today, on December, 14th you will see that prices jumped. 
Read what happened in
Mike Goldberg’s article, who wrote a short and crisp piece about it.

Last week, our joint journey began. We learn about writers in Web 3.0. 
If you’re new to the journey, it might make sense to check out the first article of the series:

If you’re back to learn more: fantastic! Let’s jump right in.

Today, we will meet simp.

Documentation of a Creative Journey

simp’s profile on DeSo

simp joined the DeSo blockchain 268 days ago, on March, 20th, 2021. 
Getting on board that early, he says he’s been probably one of the first 5000 users on there. He described his motivation to write on DeSo as follows:

I write on DeSo because I finally feel at home in this community. Given that I joined so early (one of the first 5000 users probably) I got to know the people here very well. I’ve never met anyone on DeSo in person and my anonymity gives me great artistic freedoms.

Looking back at simps profile, his earliest posts are a mix of memes and what he calls “respecting women”. 
His writing comes into play at a much later stage. 
Let’s take a dive into his pool of creativity shared on DeSo.

Minting NFTs from Memes and Writing

simp made his first NFT on the platform 136 days ago, a meme, which sold for roughly 10 bucks.

And just 3 days later, early in August, he started to mint his words as NFTs. The first one was a letter to maebeam. His funky hardcore fandom towards her could most probably fill a little red book. But we won’t get into that now.

Maebeam bought the letter herself for a whopping USD 211.40 and still owns it. It probably helped simp a lot that other big OGs, such as ASG, illuMEMEnati, and nader (creator of the DeSo blockchain) reclouted his poem.

Unfortunately, simp couldn’t continue this outstanding success story with his other letters to maebeam. Letters #2, and #4 to #6 are still waiting for a bid. 
At least, letter #3 went to ErenYeager at USD 28.96 after all.
But if you’d thought he had given up on his series of letters to maebeam you’re underestimating his resilience.

I do plan to finish the “Letter’s to Maebeam” series. I just wanted to take a little break since things were slow and maebeam wasn’t very active.

A Poem a Day

67 days ago, simp started — more seriously — to write a poem every day. In contrast to Eugene, he mints all of his poems as NFTs. 
The price of USD 48,420 for his first poem in the series is probably aimed at a future bidder when simp’s popularity grows beyond DeSo.

At the moment, he says, he doesn’t expect anyone to buy his NFTs:

@simp writes creative poetry everyday. I mint them as NFTs but don’t expect anyone to buy them. It is more of a documentation of my creative journey in becoming a great poet. One day when I am a talented writer, technologist, entrepreneur, or whatever I choose, these will be worth something. But right now I’m just 22 and enjoying working on my craft.

Poem #2 is much more affordable:

And poem #5 was actually bought by ASG:

Over the last 68 days, simp managed to sell 3 more of his poems at varying prices between a few pennies and USD 9.50.

High Activity and Engagement = Higher Numbers in Diamonds and Investments

Similar to Eugene, who we met last week, he writes a poem every day and posts it to the blockchain.

One of the biggest differences between the two is their activity and engagement levels on the platform. 
simp used to “live” on DeSo. If you scroll through his profile, you can see the variety of memes created and the number of interactions are big.

For him, that also means that his posts get reclouted by other popular accounts. And that fellow creators praise and mention him in “must follow lists” (e.g. by mp3, huntsauce).

In turn, his diamond count, the number of investors in his creator coin, and the general attention he receives are on fire in comparison.

As of today, 13th December, simp’s stats are as follows:

  • 268 days on DeSo
  • 2.86k Diamonds received, at a current value of USD 496.79
  • Creator coin price at USD 414.58 with 88 coin holders

He is however more interested in using DeSo as a platform to develop as a creator and less as a way to earn money.
Similar to Eugene he feeds from his anonymity, which gives him greater creative freedom.

Build Your Platform on DeSo — It’s a Little Later Now, But Still Early!

By being early, engaging and active on the DeSo blockchain, simp has managed to create a certain image and reputation as a creative. He’s not only a poet on DeSo, but also creates funny memes that other creators love.

He’s building a platform for his later self. In case, DeSo becomes the next biggest decentralized social media platform, he is very well positioned and will reap the fruits of his early monetary and time investments.

I’m curious to see how he continues to evolve his writing. If you’re curious, too come and follow him on DeSo!

simp’s favorite poem

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