Why I Chose Radical Honesty

What if not being fully honest creates most of your problems?

A few months ago I was talking to a contracter who works with me regularly. He is generally doing avarage work while thinking he is great. I realised, me not willing to share this with him keeps him from progress.

Not just that, it keeps creating problems for my work which spreads to other areas. 

This happens all the time. Not just in work but in relationships, investing, count it on…

It is also true for my inner talk, there is always a tendency to handle some details later. Not as much as it used to be but the devil is still alive.

What is all this crap for? 

To be nice, giving people space to progress, wishful thinking…

If you were in real pain, would you wish your doctor be honest with you or mumble instead? So why can’t we act brutally honest all the time.

After looking at most problems that constantly appear, it is clear this mumbling, not being radically honest is the deeper reason.

So I stopped the mumble, no more crap.

After being radically honest for a while, the work and relationships are much better off now. No more crap leaking all the time. Things you deserve start moving into your life and things you regret start moving out.

It is a beautiful process that creates clarity and focus.

Try it, be brutally honest.

Cut the crap…



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