Why Financial Freedom & How to Achieve It?

Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.
Benjamin Franklin

Living with your resources simply means controlling the decision making process for your earnings and becoming economically self reliant. Moreover being able to make experiments and look for deeper work-purpose, you will see the benefits of letting go of the job pressure and start owning your outcomes.

This article is on why you should be economically self reliant, benefits of controlling your work and economics, why all freedom starts with financial freedom and what happens after you start living with your resources. I wish I knew these when I was a teenager (16 years old nerd).

Why Being Economically Self Reliant

Time is the only thing you can not get back and only common currency between all of us. The decision what to spend time on sets the basis of your life and your potential. Most people let others get overly involved in the core decisions in their life and economics, how they do the actual work and path to pursue purpose.

Maybe because of the country I grew up in or my guidance by surroundings, I could only understand that I could control what to spend time with when I started university, though I always loved learning.

I realised even though I was performing good at math and sciences and studying an engineering degree, the context we call school is only there to teach you a skill set for a single job or field, for experts but not for generalists like me.

The only way to seek purpose and path to impact in life is to decide what I spend time with by myself. In order to do that one has to be economically self reliant and build a system that provides this.

Controlling Your Economics

Controlling your economics sounds obsessive but it is the basis of your freedom to live the life you want. You may want to spend more time with the people you love, freely spend time with the work you love or the activities that matter or simply travel more. Controlling your economics is deciding how, when and what you do as well as having the leverage to further change and iterate it. A progressive mindset is truly possible only if you control your economics.

But how do you do that?

You have to build a system around your work that depends on you and within time that will provide the basic resources for you and your context.

Building Your Economic Machine is Key

Building your economic machine is key and this course is mostly about that including specific elements of this path. In order to build an economic system you have to define and build your first product or service, build a context around it and then communicate to potential clients how your service may provide value (learn it free with freedomxx financial freedom program).

It is not simple but over the years I have learned and experienced that with some trial and error everybody can do it no matter what your skills or passion topics are or how smart you are. If you love to learn, if you are a true learner, it is 10x more fun and enjoyable.

Anything that is valuable in life comes only with strong commitment and disciplined action. What I found out is that playful discipline is the most fun way to embark on this journey and obtain results while enjoying the process and learning endlessly.

When you built your first system and see it working, you will have a better perspective for purpose-income match and building multiple systems of income. 

Financial Freedom is basis for all freedom

There is a popular quote on freedom,

“Your freedom ends where somebody else’s freedom starts”

I disagree with that. Freedom does not have to clash with respect or responsibility, this is a very limiting mindset. I will strongly argue that financial freedom will make you question things more as you own the outcome which will bring a chance to discover deeper meaning and purpose in work. When you have deeper purpose for work and relationships, you will understand the value of responsibility, respect and providing for your surroundings.

Provide for Others

Living with your own resources is also the first step to start providing for others, leaving a takers mindset and having a providers mindset. Almost all influential people we know in history had a provider and a progressive mindset.

Economic freedom is not an end game but a basis for impactful and influential work. With this in mind commit to the steps to own your financial outcome now. When you commit there is nothing you can not reach.

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