FreedomXX believes reaching the tools of freedom and being in control of your life is a core human right. We believe this should be the center of modern day education. For this reason, we are willing to provide financial, mental and social freedom tools to transform and touch a million lives as a first step.

FreedomXX community gathers and grows around certain principles. By reading the below principles you will get to know better which values drive this community. FreedomXX is growing its community by reflecting these principles to each other & humanity.

Systematic Freedom : As you can easily imagine from the name, freedom is a core concept for the community. The way FreedomXX looks at freedom is different from the status quo.

Freedom does not mean neglecting responsibilities or chaos. So we called it systematic freedom. Systematic freedom comes with taking full responsibility for your life and than your relationships. It is the ability to design your future and making independent decisions to create it.

Systematic freedom is to create the context where you are physically, mentally, financially and socially free. This freedom is created and designed by actions not given or accepted.

Proactive & Positive : You can only shape your future by being aware of your actions and by filling yourself with realist positivity. You will wake up every morning with this awareness and enthusiasm no matter how hard that day might be.

Life will throw at you endless experiences but how you perceive them and make out of them is within your control and power. If you are reactive and only responsive, you will end up with a generic story of unreached potential. Though, if you understand reality, how it works and how you can proactively create experiences, you can live up to your potential.

Committed : You can be passionate or have the will about a topic, an idea but that doesn’t tell us anything about the action potential. Learning & changes are functions of decisions and actions in reality.

When you are committed to something, you do whatever it takes to achieve that. You start understanding reality and building systems that will help with your commitment. One of FreedomXX tools is ‘Learn Anything in 30 Days’. We experienced that if you are committed to something everyday for 30 days, you will pass the curiosity threshold and easily further advance on that subject.

Fun & Playful Discipline : At the end reality is probably a simulation ha? Then you gotta play it & have fun.

Having fun is at the core of any learning process as much as discipline & commitment. Playful discipline is one of the core principles for FreedomXX community. We understand that designing your future involves habits and discipline but we also appreciate the fun and playfulness all along the process.

That moment you turn into a kid and enjoy fully the path you are onto but be structured and systematic as well is the core of playful discipline. In other words do not be super serious dude!

Giver more than Taker : If you meet with members of our community you will see that they are givers more than takers. They always thrive greatness with people and they support each others games.

If you haven’t yet, you will soon realise you can only do so much by yourself and this is why this community exists in the first place. Realise people around you, see which ones fit your story and think how you can grow together.

Being a Progressive & Growth Mindset : If you are here for a quick buck or planning to earn something and quit learning this place is not for you. FreedomXX community is set to learn and grow constantly which makes it even stronger in todays changing environment.

We don’t see people with static personalities and potential, we see them like a river, changing and becoming whatever they want to achieve with tools and principles. This creates advanced adaptability and context observation which are key to shaping your future.

Financial Freedom : You may say not everybody has to have financial freedom. Well not everyone will have it for sure but it is a principle for FreedomXX to achieve financial freedom without being over philosophical.


We see financial freedom as basis for all other freedom and it has nothing to do with being materialistic or money minded. Financial freedom is about optionality and freedom to make decisions about your own life.

One can only shape future if final decisions are made by self. Anyone seeking financial freedom, interested in the idea or achieved to some degree are welcome here.

Don’t Be a Dick : Be Kind.

Being smart is a given but being kind is earned.

Diversity : Anyone who thinks they are superior because of their color, region or genes are idiots. We are not tolerant to idiots @ freedomXX.

We believe future is diverse and any community that does not accept this will dissapear sooner or later.

We also have a diversity program to balance our impact in the world.

Greater Together & Interdependence : It is obvious that anything achieved great are achieved by groups of people and not individuals, even if we see individuals as a success figure.

Interdependence is the next level of independence as Stephen Covey puts it. If you feel independence it is time to grow with your community, you can lead the group or become a member.

Never forget, we are in this together.