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No, you’re NOT too broke/busy/old/whatever to change…

Recently, I found this tweet in my inbox: And I was like: Yes! It’s bold and takes courage. And you might think: “Yeah well if you have the financial means and time to make such a move, congrats — that’s just not me.” Or: “I’m too old to learn something new.” Or: “This is going to take too much time.” Or — as Chris Powers says himself: “As I approach 37 I realize how crazy the story actually is.” Let’s flip each of those reasons around and do some soul-searching: No money, no time Even if

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A Simple Trick to Boost your Confidence

Imagine a fight between two gorillas: they stand up, drum on their chest and try to take as much space a possible to impress their opponent. In some ways we are not much different to them. Those who appear confident take up space with their bodies and gestures. There’s been lots of interesting research on how our posture is impacting our feelings of power, confidence and assertiveness. Maybe you have heard about power posing? Social Psychologist and lecturer at Harvard Business School, Amy Cuddy has conducted interesting research on the impact of power posing. And

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