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Life is a game - play it!

Thinking about life as a game to be happy and successful Photo by Geeky Shots on Unsplash   Success in real life, success with games Tobi Lütke, Elon Musk, Brenda Romero, Larry Page, Kobe Bryant, Vin Diesel — all very successful in their own fields — play video games. Particularly, Tobi Lütke is a strong advocate of playing games in interviews and on Twitter: I firmly believe that I learned more about building businesses from playing Starcraft than I’ve learned from business books — Tobi Lütke (@tobi) April 1, 2018 Following his take on video games and the discussions around mankind living in a

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One question to guide your actions every day

Photo by Tina Floersch on Unsplash There’s these days you are more cynical, get easily irritated or are just stuck in your tiredness. And that’s very human, don’t get me wrong. The question is though: how do you snap out of it (if you want to)?  Recently, I had one of these days: the little one crashes our sleep, I wake up particularly tired, she whines as she doesn’t want to go to daycare and makes a huge mess while having breakfast, outside someone comes too close walking by, a car driver honks at us

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