Some things never change: Creation of great teams

Recently I found one of my workshop presentations I was running roughly 5 years ago. I conducted the workshop with some junior managers, who were supposed to delegate and lead a small team for the first time. We would kick off watching this video to show how others do “effective management” and then started thinking how we would do it differently. If you want to see the example video just have a look here.

Running through the presentation now, 5 years later, I have to say some things never change. And what has been crucial to consider in a team context is valid today. It is as valid as it was at that time and to be honest, potentially at all times. Looking at what makes a team perform well, it usually boils down to the same conclusions:

And how you get there, is a lot about being a decent human being, which means:

  1. You are friendly and straight-forward
  2. You motivate the team by giving feedback, you share successes and feedback from outside the team
  3. You show you are available and care about the team’s questions and concerns
  4. You use compassion and empathy to help to understand what happened when something went wrong
  5. Your feedback is tough on the result but soft on the person
  6. You take the time to get to know your team, invest in knowing who is who and what’s important to each of them
  7. You ask for straight-forward feedback to learn how YOU can improve to make a better job

What do you find important to create a great team? Share with us at hello(at)

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