Purpose Training

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This training is first step to create an engaging life here @ freedomxx. All our team, community goes through this simple training.

It is simple but fundamental to everything we do in life, at the core of our problem solving. We believe everyone can create a better alignment with life through vision training.

Understanding who you are and what resonates with you, what matters to you should guide your decisions and daily actions. This training is not esoteric at all, completely practical, opportunistic and scientific.

If you think there is value to have full engagement with your work and relationships, we highly recommend this free training.

We start with understanding your values through your heroes, create a vision that will fully excite and resonate with you. Then we let you write a possible story from where you are to the end vision.

Who are your heroes?

We start understanding who you are with questioning your heroes as it is less abstract and easier to put on paper. Being open and vulnerable is really important. This may take a few minutes or more and remember that you can always edit and shape this list more.

One important note, we are not looking for who you adore the most but we are looking for people you fully align with, you almost wish to be them. You feel very close to what they did or are doing in life. For example, I truly admire what Gandhi did but he is not on my list of heroes, instead Thomas Edison is on my list as a practical inventor, his life and vision is really close to who I am.


It can be anyone from history or still alive, write around 5 of your heroes to a paper or an online tool. For the first time I did this exercise, I wondered around 20-30 minutes to create my list and it may even be a few hours for some people. Take your time and prepare your list before going to the next step, also find my full list below. Remember my list represents only me 😉

Özzie’s List:

  • Thomas Edison
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Steve Jobs
  • Marie Curie

What values do they have?

Now let’s find out what aspects of these people really resonate with you.

Write 2 or 3 key words next to each name, their values that most resonate with you. This is not just things they were into but more principles and approaches their lives had.

Additionally, when you finish writing words for each name, add another section where you can write a few words that fully resonate with you independent from this list.

Look at my list below to better understand what I mean:

Thomas Edison >> Practical, Inventor, Experimentation, Optimism, Perseverance

Benjamin Franklin >> Impact, Exploration, Optimism, Communication

Leonardo >> Creativity, Change, Polymath, Enthusiasm

Steve Jobs >> Big Think, Clarity, Be Different, Impact

Marie Curie >> Perseverance, Novelty

Additional > Creativity, Makers, Mental Strength, Systems, Awareness…

Prioritise & Condense Your Values Into a Sentence

Now we have the list of words that resonates with who you are, these are your touch points to life.

There is probably around 15-20 words and you can already see some of them are related with similar meaning. What we want is to select 5 or less words from this list that most resonate with you. These words should get your blood going.

Circle these words on the list now and try to create a sentence with these words that will fully align with who you are. Remember that this sentence will evolve over time and does not need to be perfect. It just needs to cut to the centre of who you are and excite you every time you repeat.

Here is mine:

“Always explore to impact with enthusiasm.”

What is a strong vision for the person you want to be in future?

Now this question might be daunting at first but we will slice it below so you can easily figure it out.

This part of the training will be closer to surface, less abstract and related with your daily actions and skills. If you have a vision for the person you want to become, you can immediately write it down.

If you get lost instead, follow the technique below.

Lets write some words for 3 questions below:

What are you good at?

What the world needs, will pay you for?

What are you obsessed with?

Now look at the lists of What am I Good at and What the World needs as well as What you are Obsessed with. Start combining concepts between these lists. Combining one word/phrase from each list works the best.

One example from me: sound design, product making and story-telling. Write at least a few of these combinations.

Your vision should be a bold goal for one of these combinations.

For example: I will create a platform where we create cutting edge sound tools and share them with our community of millions through great story telling.

A Potential Story that will take you to Your End Vision?

Now we know what drives us, our values and our end vision.

This is a great place to be.

There is one more crucial step to this training, creating a story from where you are to your end vision. This should be a doable, realistic, practical story that will take years but reveal steps a head.

One story from me: I can make music tools and products for people using my sound design and recording skills, communicate these with potential users through authentic storytelling. We can create a website where we share these tools and grow a community who would find use in these. We should have unique libraries and tools so it differentiates from what is out there. I can start with recording and shaping the first product and write a draft copy on how we can share it. We can then build the website and start sharing a product we built every few months.

This is not a perfect story but it is doable and it has monthly steps that you can focus on. It is so easy to lose focus with over excitement. If we have steps in front of us, we can create tasks to meet that timeline. This will make easier to focus and our end vision becoming real.

What are the steps to become that person?

One major focus we often have here @ freedomxx is shifting from “doing” to “being”. Becoming a master do’er happens when you get good at something but achieving a big vision or a mission will require to be close to your best self.

You will have to develop mental skills as well as hard skills. You will have to focus, be confident, develop perseverance when things go south and visualise greatness to achieve it.

Write down the practices you have to make daily to become the person who can thrive to your vision.

You are capable more than what you think you can do.

Be about it!

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