Turning stress into a superpower


Why we are doing this course?

It is not to just overcome or counteract stress. What we are trying to achieve is to look at the stress that exists in our lives and utilise it. We want to use the stress to facilitate what you want to achieve in life and help to fulfill your purpose.

Stress facilitates learning and growth by increasing mental toughness.

Stress Improves memory.

Stress helps to create deeper relationships and trust.

Stress increases brain processing speed.

How do you get to use stress as an enhancer compared to something that stifles you?

> In a few steps, you will learn how to go about changing your mindset about stress to become less prone to its negative effects. Instead, you will learn how to reap the fruits of challenges and stress in your life.

Meet your Instructor.

Hope this free lecture helps you flip stress into a useful tool.

Over 13 years of experience in the fields of market research, consulting, leading teams in high-growth start-up environment including hiring and managing top talent, reflect my interest in understanding the deeper workings of great leadership. I'm constantly asking myself how to create a work environment in which everyone can strive and perform on their best.

I read, think, write and discuss with other experts in the field about teams. Great teams lead to great outcomes. But how do you start to build a great team and sustain it? Part of my journey is to spread the word and help entrepreneurs and small businesses to begin their journey mindfully and strategically.

Carolin Stoffels

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Turning stress into a superpower