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Why do this course?

Every person feels lost once in a while and the cure starts with self discovery. This course will not give meaning to your life within an hour, we are not guru's here. With the practical "heroes method", it will further reveal what values and tasks make you come alive, what destination might create meaning specifically for you and helps you write a story to that destination. The method used is pragmatic rather than esoteric, it will help you see a meaningful future.

Self discovery is the core of a meaningful life.

Successful people understand themselves and where the want to go.

You can endure challenges as long as they align with who you are.

Bring yourself a little closer to loving what you do everyday.

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Meet your Instructor.

I have developed this practice over the last 10 years. Everyone I shared it with, highly benefited from it.

12 years ago, I was a teacher, sound designer and composer for private clients. Loved the process but the impact was very limited. Not every client is adorable as you would guess *) I started experimenting with building products around my skills and sharing it with people.

Over the years I built brands around niches I have specific knowledge, that have tens of thousands of users, sharing products that we love to make.

Helping ourselves and close ones be a little better everyday is our mission here @ freedomxx.

Özgür Kusakoglu

This course is for:

Self Discovery