Repurposing stress




Stress is here to help you.

Let's clear stress' name and rid it of its bad reputation. Originally, stress was meant to support your survival. Today it is more often seen as a curse and a root cause of lots of health problems. Use the course to understand stress' meaning and how to utilize it to move forward.

A new way to think about stress.

Dig deeper into research about stress as fuel to growth, health and well-being. Stress can become your guide towards understanding what is important to you. Through the right mindset you will use the energy that stress brings to reach your goals.

3-step process to guide you.

You will better understand where you stand and how you perceive stress today. This will set the base to uncover what stresses you, how it shows that you are stressed and what your feelings of stress mean. This knowledge will set you up to choose how you react to stress and channel it in a meaningful way.

Create sustainable change.

Building new habits takes practice

You will learn about strategies that integrate your learnings that fits your everyday life

Invest in yourself and hold yourself accountable

Learn how scheduling time for your own growth will help you to stick to what you learned

What is included?

  • Based on latest understanding of stress based on world-class research and experience from high-performing teams
  • Get on board to a systematic approach towards mindset change
  • Real-life stories about the positive impact of stress
  • Understand how you depart with unhelpful, automatic, destructive stress responses
  • An easy to follow step-by-step guideline to understand and adapt towards pro-active behaviour
  • How to create anchors, triggers and reminders to keep what you learned top of mind
  • Build a better springboard to your goals in life

Meet your Instructor.

This course is about turning stress into a superpower for change.

Over 13 years of experience in the fields of market research, consulting, leading teams in high-growth start-up environment including hiring and managing top talent, reflect my interest in understanding the deeper workings of great leadership. I'm constantly asking myself how to create a work environment in which everyone can strive and perform on their best.

I read, think, write and discuss with other experts in the field about teams. Great teams lead to great outcomes. But how do you start to build a great team and sustain it? Part of my journey is to spread the word and help entrepreneurs and small businesses to begin their journey mindfully and strategically.

Carolin Stoffels

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