Procrastination is Helpful

A few days ago, while chatting with a contractor, that word came into conversation:
He was telling me his new methods and apps to suck much more out of time and how to kill procrastination. Expecting I would clap and join the ‘hustle’ push.
Hard to blame him as I was in a similar mindset a few years ago: bullet points, pomodoro, this many minute cycles and endless apps to keep my shit together. 
That all changed, here is my take.
Procrastination is helpful. 
Downtime is helpful. How so? 
Productivity tools are helpful to avoid distraction and focus on work when we want to.
Though they fail at hinting what to focus on or why.
Procrastination is an indicator for what you are excited for and what not.
Like a compass for your persona, see what makes you procrastinate and try to find life with less of that.
Downtime is similar, it is where your ideas flourish, where you think and solve problems.
So why not see procrastination and downtime as helpful and be aware of them, use as a guide.
This perspective helps me stress less and discover more.
It can help you too.

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