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Lena Builds Community on the Decentralized Social Media Blockchain

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We continue to meet the Creators, Developers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs who believe in a decentralized version of Social Media. All of them contribute with their talents to build and grow the DeSo blockchain as part of the Web 3 revolution.

This week, we get to know Lena — mashelenn at DeSo.
Lena joined the DeSo protocol on March, 27th, 2021 which was right after launch. At the time, joining DeSo was still slightly more complicated:

I joined DeSo thanks to Clubhouse. A stranger transferred some money to my public key and I was able to activate my account. This is how my journey into Web3 began.
Lena’s First Post on DeSo says: I seem to be in the right place at the right time this year. Finally 🙂

She knew from day one that this is her place. Quickly she bonded with the Russian speakers on DeSo. The ups and downs of a newly built decentralized platform and the connection to all the early riders of this wave kept her excited.

It was a fun time. We communicated a lot and supported each other.
In the first months the platform made surprises every day. There were all sorts of bugs and updates.
In the early days, we asked each other the dumbest questions. Where to click and what all those buttons meant.
Since then I try every day to find something new and interesting for me in DeSo.

DeSo Opened the Door to Social Media

Lena was never particularly active on other Social Media before. DeSo though made her dive deep into the area — and also led her to being more active on classic Social Media. On Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn she started posting about DeSo to educate others about the decentralized social media blockchain.

Thanks to DeSo, I started posting on Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn. On these platforms, I write about DeSo so other people can learn about this decentralized social network. On Twitter, I post about DeSo every day.

Prior to the pandemic, Lena was working in different operational areas: hiring, purchasing of products and equipment, contracts, logistics, import, certification, organization of trade and service as well as preparation of her company taking part in festivals and events. In addition, she started learning about marketing, promotion, and user behavior on social media and online marketplaces. Maybe this mix makes her so good at building engagement on DeSo.

Working on Strengthening the Net Every Day

She’s one of the people who brings life to the platform. Her activity is outstandingly high with 64.4 meaningful engagements per day
If you’re new to the platform and need orientation you should definitely follow mashelenn. As she reposts almost all noteworthy news and posts you will be able to stay up to date with the key things that are going on.

Other than that, she makes up games that spark creative energy and imagination in everyone. That way she hopes to increase the entertainment factor of DeSo.

It seems to me that DeSo needs more entertainment. To that end, I host a game on Sundays and invite everyone to participate.
Lena’s Weekend Game

Due to Lena’s efforts connections happen, communication and creative exchange are blossoming, and people come together. She educates, she contributes, she supports. Another example is the project GlobalWomen that amplifies creators’ reach to the wider DeSo community.

Lena’s Project GlobalWomen Helps Creators to be Seen

How DeSo Pays Off

Thinking about what’s in it for her, Lena keeps her expectations low. Similar to other writers and creatives we met earlier efforts to build the community and make DeSo successful are seen as a long-term investment. A potential gain might be along the way. The main thing is the positive engagement, the fun of learning something new and being part of a revolutionary movement.

I don’t have high expectations from DeSo. I like that I feel comfortable on this platform and I am expanding my knowledge in many areas.
I don’t think about the benefits in the short term. I think we will be harvesting the fruits after a while.
For me the most important thing on this platform is communication and the positive emotions I get every day.

The connections built with other people on the platform are strong. They work together to bring DeSo forward as they believe in the common goal.

The amazing thing is that there are no boundaries here. No matter where you are, what you do, or what your interests are, everyone is united by one common goal — to make this place successful. I feel the cohesiveness of the community.

And cohesiveness is what Lena works on every day.

Looking at her stats on, her efforts clearly reflect:

  • Joined DeSo on 27th March, close to 300 days on the platform
  • 11.62 DeSo earned (current value of USD 762)
  • 19030 Diamonds received (current value of USD 900)
  • 155 Hodlers of mashelenn coin
Lena with Her Daughters

The learning curve on DeSo is steep. Every day, there’s a huge number of opportunities to learn about Web 3, how people find their place in it, how they build, and how they come together to collaborate.

DeSo is a good platform to learn about social networks and the processes that take place within them. We are experiencing the transition from Web 2 to Web 3, and we are seeing the birth of not just a social network but a decentralized social network. We are fortunate to be in the midst of two beginnings: transition and emergence.

Looking into the Future

Lena believes that DeSo is worthwhile a try — and if it is just for the experience of it.

If you’re tired of Web 2 Social Media and want a fresh start come to DeSo and be part of the friendly revolution!

Lena’s Repost of mirandawatson
If I were asked what DeSo is and if it is worth joining this platform. To me, the answer is obvious: yes! It’s a new experience.
I want other people to learn about DeSo. There’s not enough information right now. I have some thoughts on that. I will just say that if there is an opportunity to help spread the word about DeSo, let’s do it!

The Post Lena Wants to Share

Lena’s NFT: Beauty is not in perfection

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