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Meet Yuichi: Photo Stories from Japan

Click here to see Yuichi’s photo with the snow falling

Somewhere, close to Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Yuichi lives surrounded by nature. Every day he ventures out to take pictures of the beautiful landscape, animals, and what else is around him.

Learning about Japan with Lovely Pictures & Stories

When he shares his pictures on DeSo — the Decentralized Social blockchain platform — he typically adds a little story.
He catches the beauty of his home and explains what we see. It almost feels like a coincidence that we’re learning something about Japan and Japanese culture while looking at beautiful photos.

Yuichi works as a freelancer in web design, he’s trading, and he’s a teacher. This might explain why he is so good at combining beauty with knowledge.

He loves nature. And you can clearly see this in the photographs of his home.

Let me show you a few, so you see what I mean:

A few examples of Yuichi’s photography shared on DeSo

Together with fellow DeSo photographer candyrain he also builds websites. For example, this one:

Go to
Working together: Yuichi and candyrain

Connection Through Photos, Not Words

Yuichi says he can only write simple replies to comments as English is not his native language. Nevertheless, he connects to everyone with ease. His strength clearly lies in forming bonds with the rest of the world on DeSo through his pictures and stories. You can see this in his stats:

  • 112 days on DeSo
  • 3.85 DESO earned (current value USD 206)
  • 8117 Diamonds received (current value USD 122.92)
  • 44.3 meaningful social engagements on average per day
  • 72 coin holders of Yuichi coin (current value at USD 97.06)

His photos are sometimes so dreamy. I imagine it’s a reflection of his personality.

He seems like a genuine, warm, and gentle person.
Going through his feed you will find a mix of beautiful nature, curious objects, and a lot of stuff you probably didn’t know yet. At least, if you’re not from Japan.

Plus, he’s definitely funny as well.

Yuchi next to a mushroom

Photography in the NFT Space: Growing Gradually, and Then Suddenly?

Selling photographs as NFTs is still underdeveloped. This seems to be true on all NFT marketplaces. But, slowly it is gaining traction with bigger photography sales hitting the market:

And as we see by the investments in Yuichi’s coin, the potential is definitely seen by a number of people on DeSo.

What DeSo Does For Photographers and Their NFTs: One Place That Supports Community Building and Potential Sales

The benefit of being on the Decentralized Social blockchain is that you can build a community fast in the same place where you sell the NFT.

Now, just imagine what that means: no need to make your followers go to another website or blockchain. When you take into account how many steps often go into registering at a different place this clearly eliminates this barrier.

Plus, the mix of early adopters, pioneers, NFT enthusiasts, that currently inhabits the platform is a great starting point for building relationships and community. The majority of people on DeSo are extremely positive, creative, and supportive. A perfect mix for photographers at any level.

Just look at Yuichi. He managed to get from 0 to almost 1000 followers within 4 months. Keep in mind this happened at a time when overall daily active users were roughly around 3000 per day.

Photographers Connect Through PhotographersCorner and Can Win Prizes

Early on, he also connected to the account of PhotographersCorner created by MANRIKPHOTO. PhotographersCorner reposts photos through the platform and hosts monthly contests for all photographers to join and win prizes. The last contest was about self-portraits and you can see the entries at This page was created by DeSo Dev Brootle who is also working on a photo app for DeSo pictures. You can simply click here to take a look at all of Yuichi’s pictures in gemstori.

Growing the Japanese Community

Back to Yuichi though.
Next to sharing pictures, he is also onboarding fellow Japanese to DeSo and hosts online sessions to teach them.

He wrote:

Today is the 72nd day that I have participated here.
I’m not very good at English, so it’s hard for me to get information. Especially at first, I had a little trouble because I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know the meanings of the various words I had to use. Now I have made a lot of great acquaintances and have been able to introduce DeSo to people around me, and I am enjoying using it.

Tomorrow, December 18, I’ll be holding a study session on DeSo in Zoom at 14:00 Japan time.
If there are any Japanese people who have just joined here and don’t know how to use it well, why don’t you join the study session? If you are interested in joining, please message me directly. Thank you very much.

Translated with (free version)

Yuichi on DeSo: Looking Back and Looking Forward

For him, the DeSo journey started on October, 6th 2021 after receiving a newsletter from

I received an email from with an introduction to DeSo, and I was interested in the idea of DESO and participated.

What kept him on the platform was the encouragement and positive feedback of fellow DeSo creators, builders, and pioneers.

Q: What motivates you to be active on DeSo?
Believing in the potential of DeSo and warm words and support from other creators every day.

Yuichi regularly thanks his coin investors

And even though, he didn’t sell a huge number of NFTs of his photographs yet, to him it’s clear that the ease of minting NFTs and the low gas fees are a big advantage compared to other platforms.

I was surprised that the cost of creating an NFT is close to zero.

It’s a blockchain with low cost and high potential.

Yuichi believes in DeSo’s potential and also likes the fact that there are 3 potential income streams currently available on the platform: diamonds, creator coins, and NFT sales.

He predicts an increase of people joining DeSo in the future and further ease of use of the services.

Existing services will become more convenient and more services will be created.

I think that DeSo will attract more people.

So, if you are a photographer and got curious come and join us! We’re looking forward to having you on the Decentralized Social platform!

Feel free to use my referral code which starts you off with $5 in DESO cryptocurrency to play around with.

When you arrive, follow my profile freedomxx and say hi!

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