Much Money, No Cry?

Much Money, No Cry?

Your Focus On Getting Rich Quick Is Ruining Our Lives

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I got tired. Every day when I look at the Medium page someone is trying to sell me their secret recipe of how they made money. Not just the well-meaning fellow writers who try to live off their Medium articles, but also other content creators who mostly just do PR.

I get it. Everyone needs to make some money to get by. That’s why it’s so tempting to write a headline around the topic. 
Basically, all of us might get seduced to click on it and read about your secret. Maybe it’s something we haven’t heard of yet?
After jumping through the lines to find a tiny nugget of useful information, that you hid intentionally at the end of your article: not much to learn here.

I am disappointed. You chose to make a clickbaity headline to lure people into reading your article without providing anything of value. Or you wrote a tiny piece of cloth that hardly covers up your affiliate link to another platform. One that won’t live up to what you promise.

I think it’s stupid. All this focus on money-making on Medium is sad in a way. Integrity dissolves into empty shells of letters. Happiness becomes fake. The success everyone is trying to sell is a pipe dream.

I choose freedom. Instead of focussing on money-making, I am asking myself: Do I enjoy what I am doing? Am I learning something new every day? What is it really that gets me into the state of flow?

I learned that freedom is about something else. While financial freedom is something to work for, it cannot be your purpose. It will rather be a side effect of doing what you enjoy the most. It begins when you choose to really put all your effort into this one thing.

Freedom is when money does NOT play a big role in my life. It’s the point at which I neither worry too much about money nor am I overly excited about having it.

Thoughts about money shouldn’t dominate what you’re doing. Money shall not have that power over you. Otherwise, you cannot decide freely what to do with your life. It might simply pass with you feeling miserable. Worst, you remind others constantly about money-making and make them feel miserable.

I ask you to stop. Instead, learn how much money you really need to get by. Make sure to cover that — and may it be in a classic job. Then hustle for what you love to do at the side. Enjoy the process of learning and growing. Share your story but don’t focus on the money part.

Thank you!

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