“One should approach all activities and situations with the same sincerity, the same intensity, and the same awareness that one has with bow and arrow in hand.”

> Why is it hard to focus?

We are distracted all the time, lowering quality and fulfillment of our lives. Trying to do a bunch of stuff at the same time, feeling bored about what we do, lack of purpose, stress and our phones are just a few reasons why we have hard time to focus.

We are either not aware or mostly do not act to overcome these reasons. Without intentional environment design and systematic approach, it is almost impossible to capture and sustain focus for long time.

Should we blame tools or other people for this?

That is obviously not helpful, instead we can have a process that helps us focus and reach the flow state. We shared our process and resources below, start from here and personalise to make it stick for your story.

> Focusing starts with calming your mind.

Our minds are racing, trying to process many things at the same time. To bring focus, we need a calm mind to start with. We love to achieve calm through breathing or music, try them below.

We are fans of simple breathing meditation, 1 to 5 mins, help calm your mind. Simply close your eyes and deep breathe or use the video below.

Now you are calmer, let's start the process.

> Prioritisation Exercise

Get a pen and paper (or use a digital pad) to write down 5 most important tasks ahead of you today (or this week).

Finish writing before you read below.

Now look at these 5 tasks and select only the 2 most important ones.

Put a little symbol next to these 2 more important ones.
Now go ahead and select the one that is the most vital between these 2 you selected.

The one final task you selected as the most vital is your only task.


Now you know what you really need to focus on.​

Kill all other tasks, remove your phone away in silent mode, if you are working on a computer kill all other screens. Multitasking is a myth to help you get distracted, the more you realise this, the better you will focus and fully engage with life.

Make sure, no distraction can dissolve your focus.


You can apply this model to focus today but you must strive to focus every single day to your work, relationships and all aspects of life.

Life deserves full engagement.

How can you make this a habit?

As James Clear details in his book Atomic Habits, start with defining your identity as someone that focuses to the most vital task in hand.

Include consistent processes, rituals that will stick. Before you sleep write the 5 things you want to accomplish, then prioritize them by selecting the most important task and the seconday one.

Before you start, calm yourself and your distracted mind. Breathe, do not touch your phone until the session is done and practice delaying gratification.

Build up these rituals and make them a habit you thrive on, you will end up much more efficient, content and accomplished.