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Meet Shants1900 Who Combines Writing, NFT Art, and Photography on DeSo and Beyond

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2022 is here and it’s going to be a big year for all things web 3.0!

Are you onboard yet?

For the foreseeable future, I will continue to write portraits about those people who are. The new internet is currently built and inhabited by developers, creators, artists, and entrepreneurs. And it’s not only about cryptocurrencies, and making everything into NFTs… there’s also an interesting aspect about the connection of all these creatives and builders:

The potential of people coming together who are foremost interested in making things.
They like to build utility through software, share their outstanding art, put out their beautiful writing, and use their social skills to create a strong community.

Today, we will meet Shants1900, who is a writer/poet, content creator, photographer, and NFT artist.

His profile page is a huge collection of all things creative.

A few screenshots of Shants1900 profile

Shants1900 came to DeSo 159 days ago. He heard about it while searching for NFT marketplaces and from a fellow Medium writer’s article. He’s also writing on MediumVocal, and shares newsletters through LinkedIn and Substack.

I am writing on Linkedin, and I have a newsletter called, ‘Words less spoken’.
I have a travel newsletter called ‘Travel Muse by Shants’ on Substack.
On Medium, I am an editor of two publications, called ‘Paper Poetry’ and ‘Business Thoughts Notebook.’

Apart from that, I have a small YouTube channel:

In addition, I am an amateur photographer, selling photos in 500px ( and Eyeem ( I have traveled to 26 countries of the world so far.

Apart from Diamond, I have an OpenSea account:

Also, let’s not forget, that he is working as a Technology Consultant in Toronto, Canada.

I’m not sure how it’s humanly possible to do so many things at the same time — but Shants1900 is doing them!

DeSo: The Place to Join the Content Industry’s Revolution

For him, writing is a form of entertainment and healing. DeSo helps him to broaden his reach as well as keep him accountable to write regularly.

On DeSo, it is easier to write. It’s like a tweet but with more meaningful interactions.

Here he is looking to share his stories, build a community and interact with others. The ability to create NFTs, for copyright and collection purposes is a big plus for him. It’s the place that makes it easy to join the revolution in the content industry.

DeSo is more to the social interaction platform with the ability to present the content in NFT form, for authentication and collection purposes. It is making it easier to write and practise the new revolution in the content industry. I’m sure in the coming days, poetry books or books will be sold through NFT, not only in the physical or mere digital form.

Shants1900 Stats:

  • 159 days on the platform
  • 683 Diamonds received, at a current value of USD 76.69
  • Creator coin price at USD 41.72 with 10 coin holders

So far, he has minted over 750 NFTs on DeSo of which he sold 33. It looks like he’s endlessly creating new things.

Some of the NFTs Shants1900 has sold on

Shant’s Favorite NFT Minted on DeSo

Screenshot from

Will you unleash your creativity like Shants1900 and come join us?

Getting on Board

Come join other writers and creators on DeSo and see what’s in it for you. Feel free to use my referral code which starts you off with $5 in DESO cryptocurrency to play around with.

When you arrive, follow my profile freedomxx and say hi!

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