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Finding Connection in Web 3.0

Meet Mechell Lord Who Builds Inclusive Human Experience on the DeSo Blockchain Mechell Lord   Mechell Lord fills every (virtual) room with her charming voice.She is one of those people you meet and like instantly.Even before seeing her picture you know, she is a beautiful person. The combination of being open, welcoming, friendly, curious, interested, and inclusive is what makes her Clubhouse rooms special. She speaks, invites everyone on stage, hands over the microphone, and asks questions that show genuine interest. Even the most introverted of us feel like they can say hi and talk

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People in Web 3.0: Photographers Claim Your Seats!

Meet Yuichi: Photo Stories from Japan Click here to see Yuichi’s photo with the snow falling Somewhere, close to Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Yuichi lives surrounded by nature. Every day he ventures out to take pictures of the beautiful landscape, animals, and what else is around him. Learning about Japan with Lovely Pictures & Stories When he shares his pictures on DeSo — the Decentralized Social blockchain platform — he typically adds a little story.He catches the beauty of his home and explains what we see. It almost feels like a coincidence that we’re

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Creators in Web 3.0

Meet Shants1900 Who Combines Writing, NFT Art, and Photography on DeSo and Beyond created by ruDALL-E 2022 is here and it’s going to be a big year for all things web 3.0! Are you onboard yet? For the foreseeable future, I will continue to write portraits about those people who are. The new internet is currently built and inhabited by developers, creators, artists, and entrepreneurs. And it’s not only about cryptocurrencies, and making everything into NFTs… there’s also an interesting aspect about the connection of all these creatives and builders: The potential of people coming

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