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Creating your Island in the Pandemic

Recently, I dreamt of being on vacation: Chile’s beautiful sunset Valle Della Luna mixed with the slow waves from Playa Girón in Cuba. Valle Della Luna Playa Girón It’s clear that I miss travelling. And not necessarily only the far-away-places but also briefly getting away for a weekend within Germany. The current situation makes travelling almost impossible, or let’s say: it involves risks that I am not willing to take. There’s probably a ton of things people miss at the moment. After my dream, I asked the question in a forum and others mentioned things

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Lost and found: how to (re-)build trust

Think about the last few years – as well as what’s been happening recently with the pandemic, political events, connections to others… Do you think you trust as much as you did 5, 10, 15 years ago? For my part I have to say: I don’t think so. More than asking: What happened? I’d like to look at: Why are our lives better with trust? What can be done to (re)build trust? How do you put the right seeds into the soil? And how do you need to take care of those seeds to let

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Happiness Habits

Today, I have a question for you:What does it mean to you to be happy? What are the things that impact your happiness? Are you happy right now, in this moment?Over the last decade or so there has been tons of attempts to explain what makes people happy.And even though, there has been some understanding of what goes into the mix of a happy, content life – single individual perspectives on happiness differ quite a bit. You can easily check this for yourself and try and find a satisfying definition of happiness online. Let me assure

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