Category: Mental Strength

Why I Chose Radical Honesty

What if not being fully honest creates most of your problems? A few months ago I was talking to a contracter who works with me regularly. He is generally doing avarage work while thinking he is great. I realised, me not willing to share this with him keeps him from progress. Not just that, it keeps creating problems for my work which spreads to other areas.  This happens all the time. Not just in

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How to Set Goals the Smart Way

“We don’t want your distance from the goal crush you” Jordan Peterson Obviously people have difficulty to set goals and execute them. We know you can’t arrive a place if you don’t start moving towards a direction. Well executed goal setting is fulfilling and will increase your confidence, make you achieve future goals easier. The more you achieve, the more you will be likely to achieve. But why it doesn’t work for most people?

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5 Ways to Avoid Misery & Design The Future Life You Desire

You want to achieve great things, be in control of your life and design future. You want to become what you dream to become. But time passes by and you feel like you can’t progress as you want to. Life happens to you and you can not direct it to the point you want. Days pass one by one and you lose your confidence. The only way to design and control your future is

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