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How to Destroy Performance Playing the Status Game

“Could you move that desk for me and bring me a coffee, I’m way too busy for this…” Sure, at a certain hierarchy level you are just too expensive to take care of certain stuff yourself. Why bother to take care of super basic everyday tasks? Isn’t there an intern who could do it?! What you lose You might’ve just started to become comfortable in your ivory tower. But what happened? You don’t hear from your colleagues? Your team seems far away and sometimes you have the feeling they rather make jokes on your behalf

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5 Ways to Avoid Misery & Design The Future Life You Desire

You want to achieve great things, be in control of your life and design future. You want to become what you dream to become. But time passes by and you feel like you can’t progress as you want to. Life happens to you and you can not direct it to the point you want. Days pass one by one and you lose your confidence. The only way to design and control your future is through habits, practices and system. The structure that will be in place no matter what your mood is. You will act

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