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Making Better Decisions with Square Method

We make many decisions everyday, most of them unconscious. You just decided which path you should take to work, what to eat, when to drink coffee etc. These simple decisions often define our habits, they rule our quality of life. There are also very important decisions like what to work on, who to marry or how to invest. These bigger decisions define the future context more than smaller decisions. After I started using a framework, especially after writing it down, quality of my decisions improved while unnecessary stress mostly disappeared. Square method is a 4

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Starting from the End

This one is really big for me. Solving a problem, creating a product or aiming at anything, working backwards is perfect for increasing clarity and certainty.  Let’s say you have a problem, we all do. Now write the problem down in detail, this is your starting point. Instead of immediately thinking what to do as a next step, think of your desired outcome when problem is completely solved. Write your optimum solution, be realistic but detailed.  This is your end point.  Now work backwards from the end to the start step by step to see how you can connect the

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