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Dance naked!

5mins in the morning to boost your energy Picture by ruDALL-E   Winter is a tough period.  My alarm goes off at 7 each morning. It’s still dark outside. The bed is warm. The little one and my husband are still in dreamland. Can I just keep my eyes closed a little longer? Extend my stay in bed? What’s the point of getting up right now? And then, I remember: I am in charge of how I feel. Action! Now! Whenever we dread to get up, we need to remind ourselves: We can adapt our mood. We

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Let’s talk about rest, baby!

Back to guilt-free relaxation Do you sometimes wake up and don’t want to get out of bed? Do you feel empty? Like you cannot enjoy anything? Like you don’t care much about your work anymore? And you don’t really want to talk to anyone?  At the same time, you might think your life is actually pretty great and you cannot pinpoint what the problem is:You have had amazing experiences over the past year, you and your family are happy and healthy, you were meeting a bunch of interesting people. You’re jumping from one thing to the other. You even manage

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At peace with your body, at peace with your mind

“Why do you live in your body like you will be given another? As if it were temporary. You starve it, you let anyone touch it, you berate it. Tell it that should be completely different. You tug at your soft flesh, wish it thinner, wish it gone. You fall in love with those who praise the way it sighs under their hands, but who praises the way it holds up your weight, even when you are falling apart?” — Warsan Shire How much time do you spend thinking about how you look?A bit each

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