ABOUT ---- meet us.

We’re here to create a world in which everyone has the tools at hand to recognize and achieve their true potential. We want to enable everyone to love what they do and by that create value for everyone.

Each and everyone of us has a certain role to play in the world and specific value to give to others. Often enough, we get stuck in a job or a life that does not align with our true potential. We tend to get off our path because throughout our early life, we might hear from others that we shouldn’t stick out, that we don’t have what it takes, that we cannot do something or that it is better to go the safe route… These limiting beliefs keep a lot of us small, sometimes frustrated but hardly happy and fulfilled.

We are not different from you: We know how it feels to get pushed into a role and a life that is not ours. We work on overcoming this every day by doing things we love to do. We want to help you to get started to follow your own journey. Thus, we decided to share what we learned over the years from uncountable resources, scientific research, literature, podcasts and all kinds of media out there. We took those pieces that work for us and other successful people and put them together in our courses. This should save you some time and energy that you can use to immerse in a condensed yet impactful learning experience at FreedomXX. 🙂

FreedomXX is out to democratise knowledge that helps you to become more aligned with what you value, spend more time with what you’re good at and what brings you enjoyment and happiness. Because, ultimately, if everyone of us gets a little closer to loving what we do every day, it will make the world a little better every day.

Carolin & Özgür

co-founders @ freedomxx

10115 Berlin, Germany