5 Ways to Avoid Misery & Design The Future Life You Desire

You want to achieve great things, be in control of your life and design future. You want to become what you dream to become.

But time passes by and you feel like you can’t progress as you want to. Life happens to you and you can not direct it to the point you want. Days pass one by one and you lose your confidence.

The only way to design and control your future is through habits, practices and system. The structure that will be in place no matter what your mood is. You will act even if you don’t feel like it or you will have a protocol in place.

The daily commitment and behaviour will determine your future self and surroundings.

That is why learning and applying the habits that fit your desire is core to any future creation.

Change comes with daily committed action

You can be passionate about making music, design or building a business around your expertise.

The passion will only get you so far. You will need real hardcore commitment and obsession. You will need daily actions to progress little bits every day.

The commitment and daily actions come with tools, habits and practices for your personal path and values. It should feel like ingrained in your DNA, something you automatically do even if you don’t feel like it. 

Your belief in your potential & observing there is no other way to build your future without owning your outcome, will make your commitment more solid.

The more you commit, the more you will act & the more you act, the more you can mold life and reach potential.

Make unconscious conscious

So you can think,

“Okay, I have brainstormed and found my principles which are needed to build my future. Why still do I need actionable habits, practices and tools? “

Most of us make decisions and actions unconsciously. They are guided by our childhood and surroundings. The only way to overcome this is :

Make unconscious conscious. But how?

Implement new set of tools, reflexes and practices to your daily patterns that will boost your self awareness. More awareness is possible with triggers that you condition yourself to observe. 

For example you put a trigger whenever you meet a new person, you will tell yourself I am meeting a new person, I am willing to share positive energy and get the best out of this session. 

These triggers will help make unconsciousness conscious.

You will feel like you have endless potential to create emotions & experiences with the new awareness gained.

Roads to wanted end

“The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale focuses on one thing and one thing only :

To achieve anything, you gotta know where you are going and who you have to become to achieve that. This will define the principles you will need and daily practices you will employ.

I also believe you can achieve anything with keeping end in mind as Stephen Covey says. It will create laser focus & drive when you share it with full commitment.

You have to be able to express where you wish to go in a sentence even with a couple of words. This might be hard at first, you might end up with a couple of paragraphs but if when you dig deeper into your purpose you will boil it down to a few words.

Structure is clarity

Lots of things happen in daily life, you just react to things mostly. You lose your focus very easily and you lose where you are going.

Believe me more than 95% of the people live like that and this is why we have a non-progressive middle class.

There is no deeper purpose and any structure to act on that purpose.

Structure is clarity. It will give you the steps to climb. You can only climb a mountain with holes to step on and ropes that let you take risks.

Never forget though, you can iterate, change the structure however you want, you are the boss.

Visualise & make real through practices

You have to not only know where you are going but focus on it everyday. Make a card and write what you are willing to reach on it.

3 times a day get that card out and look at it.

Visualise it happening.

Visualise you capable of that reality.

Then get out there and improve every day through practices. You can start creating real change in any area in a month and complete renewal around 12 to 18 months.

Everyone can do it but most won’t, they will prefer the mediocre life which looks comfy.

If you really want to achieve your potential you have to grab it.

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