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Architects in Web 3.0

Meet Tobias Schmid Who Builds in the Metaverse “When you read this, you are still early.” — A typical expression in the world of crypto

Young Artists in Web 3.0

Meet Arreah Bihary, 19, Making First Steps Into the NFT World Arreah’s Kissers on NFTz In 2021, NFTs became widely popular — and while there is

Finding Connection in Web 3.0

Meet Mechell Lord Who Builds Inclusive Human Experience on the DeSo Blockchain Mechell Lord   Mechell Lord fills every (virtual) room with her charming voice.She

Building Apps in Web 3.0

Building Apps in Web 3.0 Meet Wouter Van Halen Who’s Building NFTz on the Decentralized Blockchain Wouter van Halen It doesn’t even take 2 minutes and Wouter

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